Wednesday, 14 September 2011

New Voices 2011 Entry - 'Her Dangerous Defiance'

Yay, New Voices entry submitted!  It was really difficult to press that button and say goodbye to Chapter 1, but doing it has in itself taught me a lot.

I've spent so long polishing it and worrying about every word. Reading over the submission I recently made in the standard way to Mills & Boon I can now see that the characters just don't shine through as they need to, that there is too much telling and not enough showing.  I think having a month to just hone one single chapter has really made me dig much deeper than before.

So I'm already a winner - and it's only one day in to the competition!  I'm hoping for some constructive criticism, that is the real bonus of this competition for me, the chance to get immediate feedback which can feed into my work. Please have a look at my entry if you have time, and let me know what you think ( the lovely New Voices button on the right designed by Lacey will take you right there!).

Good luck to all the other entrants - if you're undecided I would say go for it. You've nothing to lose and an awful lot to gain.


  1. Hi Susie!

    I'm loving your attitude. I think you're a winner too. You've got to be in it to win it after all!

    It sounds like the editors will be floating around and commenting along with the authors this year. I like to follow all their comments because you can pick up a lot of tips that way. I know I did last year.

    Just think, you could be a couple of months away from being a contracted author (once the rest of the book is finished of course lol!).

  2. Susie
    Checked out your blog from our twitter contact. We are so similar! ( I am at
    Good luck n the NV. One of the things I love about the writing community is the support from online friends I have made all over the world.
    And I am a cat lover too. Loved the photos.