About me

I've always been a bit of a bookworm. I can remember that when I was 12 year old, the highlight of the week was saturday morning when I could go to the library and pick out four books to read. The problem was I'd stick my nose in them and hardly move (except for meals and school) until I'd finished them all.  Then it was a long wait until the following weekend when I could swap them for new ones.

Early reading included Tolkien, starting with The Hobbit, then Lord of the Rings, and crime/thrillers. I loved anything with a James Bond type hero, which probably led me to being a reader of romance & the tall, dark, handsome hero as I got older!  I couldn't stand the suspense a lot of the time though and admit to having had one terrible habit (which I have grown out of a bit now), I invariably had to check out the ending of a book before I was even half way through!

I have wanted to be a writer as far back as I remember, submitting my first novel, a thriller, when I was only 12 years old direct to a publisher. I had a lovely letter in response encouraging me to try again.

A few random facts...

I have a Computer Science degree and have worked in various jobs over the years varying from the technical (programming) through to project management. I've had numerous articles printed about such interesting things as quality control and testing!  At present I'm working as a freelance technical author when I'm not writing.

I ran my own dog grooming business when my son was a baby.

I have always lived in the UK but take every opportunity I can to travel abroad, with Italy being one of my favourite destinations.

The first short story I had published as an adult was in a magazine for cat lovers.

I originally wanted to be a vet and like most things furry and four legged. I've had numerous pets over the years including goldfish, hamsters, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, dogs, cats, horses... but not birds or reptiles of any kind!

My website is at www.susiemedwell.com where you can find all the details of my latest releases.