Thursday, 28 June 2012

Guest Post

I'm delighted to welcome the wonderful S.R Cole (who we all know and love as Stace) here today to tell us something about her new book! She's even been kind enough to supply an excerpt you won't have seen anywhere else yet.

Wild Bill Williams didn't plan on becoming a father, but when Doctor Carrie Carlton turned up on his doorstep pregnant and in danger, Bill knew he couldn't turn her away. In a desperate bid to save the life of his unborn child, rancher and bodyguard Bill did the only thing he could do, propose!


Carrie screamed and opened her eyes. Panic shot through her as she tried to focus in the darkened room. Where was she? Stretching a hand to reach for her swollen belly protectively, she felt a tug on her arm. What was that? An IV? Panting furiously and choking back a sob, she forced herself to sit up just as the door burst open. There, in the glowing light from the doorway, kitted out with nothing but a pair of tight grey boxers and a gun stood Wild Bill Williams.
            Relief washed through her as she tried to push the nightmare that had woken her to the back of her mind. Bill had found her, she was safe. So why did she feel terrified as the look of thunder in Bill's eyes shot through her? Why was her heart beating like a runaway train, as Bill crossed the room in four long strides to switch on the lamp on the nightstand next to her bed? And why, despite her fear for her life and her unborn child's, were her eyes instantly drawn to the thin line of delicious dark hair that ran from just below his navel and disappeared inside the waistband of his boxers.
            "Seriously Carrie?" Bill snapped. "You call me out of the blue asking for help, turn up looking ready to pop, pass out, turn my ranch upside down and wake me up at three in the morning screaming and the first thing you do is remove my underwear with your eyes?"

The book is available at amazon, just click here!

 S. R. Cole was born in England and resides in Surrey with her three lovely but oh-so-cheeky daughters. She spends her days playing hide-and-seek, baking cookies and scrapbooking with her girls.
By night, she curls up with her laptop and a glass of something naughty to create her own perfect heroes.

Cole loves nothing more than reading and writing romantic fiction, but her own real life heroes are a world away from the romance novel scene. They are two average American guys who you may know as Ben & Jerry!

Cole's first book The Bodyguard's Secret Baby is already proving to be a hit and she is working on her second White Hill Ranch story which is due for release later this summer.

If you want to chat to Stace, here's where
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Twitter - @WriterStace


  1. Hi Susie,

    Thanks so much for this, it looks fantastic. :)
    I love it!

    S x

  2. Ooh, I like Bill already! Intriguing excerpt Stace.
    x Christy

    1. Thanks Christy... I'm glad you're liking Bill. I like him too. :) x

  3. Well done Stace, so very proud of you and i'm liking Bill already! Man has attitude;-) xx

    1. Thanks Caroline... You KNEW I'd do it! :)
      Gotta love a dude with a 'tude!xx