Monday, 10 February 2014

A Barcelona Love Affair.... Barceloneta (1)

With February 14th looming on the horizon, I decided to start a series of posts about one of my love affairs. In part, my story is about a love affair with a person in the city. In part, it's about my love affair with Barcelona itself.

Either way, it's a love affair of the heart, and those are the type that count....

Barcelona is a multi faceted city. Beautiful, bright, old, dark, a place of peace, a place of festivals and celebrations. I think we've experienced all in the time we've spent there so far - but there is so much more to discover, to experience... It's a place of iconic images, of sand, sea, and structure... of people, of the colours and flavours of Catalan food, the green mint of Mojito's, the bright red of sun ripe tomatoes, the contrast and beauty of art and architecture that has imbued the place over the years. Barcelona can be something different to everyone who goes there, something new every time you return.

I want to share here, my Barcelona. Not a place of pickpockets and bustle, but a city you can fall in love with, a city where you can fall in love. And what better place to start than on the beach at sunrise, or even better, sunset?

La Barceloneta is in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona. In the height of summer, the sandy beach is packed for the better part of the day, but visit out of season, between November and March and although there is still a life and vitality to the place, the hordes have gone.  Or, do as we have done and visit the beach at sunrise, or in the evening as the sun sets,  and find a place of pure romance, a place where it is hard to believe you are moments away from the centre of a city.

From the central beach area, with it's restaurants and bars, it's worth taking your shoes off, letting the sand slip between your toes (or stick to the boardwalk!), and walking all the way to the distinctive building in the distance that is the W hotel...

The impressive building is worth a close look, and from here you can get a wonderful view, but don't stop here to eat - Barcelona doesn't have to be about fine dining, instead make your way back up the beach.

Sit in one of the bars with a cup of coffee, watch the skateboarding dogs and the surfers... and then much later leave the sea behind and explore the narrow streets of old Barceloneta.

Stroll across the Plaça Del Poeta Boscà, and tucked away round the back you will find Can Ramonet. The perfect spot to enjoy the feel of historic Barceloneta - try the tapas, or just sit out in the sun and enjoy a glass of wine or cava.

A romantic evening of sun, sea, tapas and good wine, a perfect start for a love affair....

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