Thursday, 11 July 2013

'Rancher to the Rescue' by Jennifer Faye (with a sexy former rodeo champion!)

I met Jennifer some time ago on Facebook and I'm thrilled that she has agreed to come and talk to me about her new release!

Hi Jennifer – great to see you here!

Hi. I’m so excited to be here! Thanks for having me. :-)

Okay, starting off with the book and some quick fire questions…

  1. If you had to sum up ‘Rancher to the Rescue’ in 30 words or less what would you say?
 A celebrity bride is jilted at the altar and runs from the paparazzi straight into a sexy but reluctant rancher, who rides to her rescue.

  1. Can you tell us a bit about Meghan – what do you most like about her?
I admire her strength. Though her world seems to be crumbling around her, she doesn’t give up. She finds a way over, under or around life’s hurdles.

  1. Is there anything about her that frustrates you?
Not really. She was a pretty easy character to get to know…even if her family dynamics aren’t the “norm”.

  1. And Cash, can you sum him up in 10 words?
A sexy, former rodeo champion, who keeps to himself.

  1. And is he the type of guy you could fall for, or would you steer clear?
 Oh, I definitely fell for him. (sorry hubby) He may be a bit gruff on the outside, but we’re talking about a cowboy who cares for his grandmother. To me that speaks volumes and says he has a soft, warm center. The trick is getting through the crusty defenses to his heart.

  1. What/who inspired you to write the story?
Boy I really wish I had a cute story to relay. I honestly can’t point to one specific inspiration for this story. A lot of times stories just come to me and I have no idea what triggered them, but I’m oh so happy to have them. :-)

  1. And what about the characters - are they a little bit you, people you know, or did they just leap out and grab you (metaphorically speaking of course!)?
No character is ever based on anyone I know. They grow and evolve in my imagination until they are fully function fictional characters. It’s always fun to see them evolve and let down their guard.

And we, sorry I, being naturally nosy would love to know a bit about you…

  1. Favourite genre(s) to read and to write?
Other than a few non-fiction books, I read Romance. I love it. Contemporary would be my favorite, closely followed by suspense and historical.

  1. What part of writing do you enjoy most, coming up with the idea, planning, research, writing it or typing The End?!
Coming up with the idea is a load of fun as is writing the middle. By the time I hit the middle of a book, I’m usually hitting my stride. All of the groundwork has been laid and now it’s time for the conflicts to takeover. Let the fun and action take center stage.

  1. Sum up in 30 words or less what you want to be doing in 5 years time.
Writing books and entertaining readers. If I can do that I’ll be delighted.

  1. Favourite thing to do when you’re not writing?
Do I have to choose just one??? Thinking… Reading. I love to read. Maybe that explains why I have so many teetering stacks of books. ;-)

  1. Who/what inspired you to keep on writing until you got published? 
I’ve wanted to be a writer as far back as I can remember. I tried quitting once, right after my very first “R”. It lasted for a few weeks, but by then I missed it so much that I decided if nothing else, I would write for myself. But a while, later I got my confidence back and started entering writing contests and getting requests. It still took years but I made it. :-)

And before you run off, can you share a little excerpt?

A woman in a white flowing dress caught Cash’s attention. She rushed along the side of the church. Abruptly she stopped and bent over some shrubs. What in the world was the bride doing? Looking for something?

This was certainly the most entertainment he’d had in the past half-hour. He shook his head and smiled at the strange behavior. When she started running down the walk toward his vehicle he tipped his hat upward to get a better view.

The bride spun around. Her fearful gaze met his. Her pale face made her intense green eyes stand out bright with fear. Alarm tightened his chest. Was there more going on here than a change of mind?

She glanced over the hood of his truck. He followed her line of vision, spotting a group of photographers rounding the corner of the church. In the next second she’d opened his passenger door and vaulted inside.

What in the world was she doing? Planning to steal his truck? He swung open the driver’s side door and climbed in.

“What are you doing in here?”

The fluffy material of her dress hit him in the face as she turned in the seat and slammed her door shut.

“Drive. Fast.”

Thanks for sharing Jennifer and good luck with Rancher to the Rescue!

            Thank you! I really enjoyed talking with you. Hopefully we can do it again soon. :-)


  1. Aww, great interview and excerpt ladies. Cash sounds quite the catch! :-)

    1. Thanks, Samantha!

      Cash is quite a catch. ;-) Too bad Meghan got him first. LOL.

  2. Love the excerpt Jennifer, I can tell these two are going to be a great match. I know exactly what you mean about nearly quitting after the first R, but not actually being able to, I went through the very same thing, but look at us now! Huge congrats on your first (of many I'm sure!) release. X

    1. Thank you, Christy!

      Yep, definitely thought about quitting, but just couldn't put down the pen and paper. A writer has to write whether for themselves or others. :-)

  3. Enjoyed your interview. Best wishes with "Rancher..."

  4. Hey, Angela, thank you! You're super sweet. :-)