Thursday, 14 February 2013

Finding love when you least expect it.. 'Text me, Tweet me, Need me'

If you spend any time on Facebook, then you probably already know that I've now got the cover art for my contemporary romance novella - my debut Susie Medwell title! So, strictly speaking this isn't a 'cover reveal', but it is the first time I've revealed any details about the story.

I was thrilled when Lyrical Press accepted 'Text me, Tweet me, Need me' (release date 6th May 2013), and although I'm always excited when I get near to release day, this one is special as it's my first contemporary romance. A book I can let my mother read, well maybe not, it is still quite spicy!
But isn't this cover amazing? I couldn't have asked for anything better - it's simple (which I love), striking and really has the wow factor, would you agree?

So, although you might have seen the artwork before today, Valentine's Day, I thought I'd still post it again here and tell you a bit about the story and inspiration for it. How you can find love in the most unlikely of circumstances....

When I read romance I like two things, a story that is believable and rooted in reality, but also a story that offers some escapism. A story that tells me sometimes the unexpected can happen, sometimes despite all the conflict and battle true love can win through, sometimes we can meet 'the one' where and when we least expect to.

When Sam meets Ben online she's not looking for love - in fact quite the opposite - and so when she meets him in person she's quite shocked that the sparks really fly between them. He's everything she wants in a man - except she doesn't want a man!
Now this story isn't based on true life, but I did once meet someone online, someone I chatted to (not looking for romance), and instantly clicked with - and I was amazed that it could happen. What are the chances? Why? Maybe it is because we get a glimpse of the real person, maybe we are all that little bit more open when we have that physical distance, when we're not judging someone on looks or gestures, maybe we let our defences down because we feel safe, we're not going to be judged, we can just log out if we want and run away, maybe we just get to be ourselves and express what we really want - after all the other person isn't actually 'there' are they?

Lots of maybe's, but maybe love is about being ourselves, being open to opportunities, letting other people get to know the real 'us'.... then who knows what might happen....
But, of course, nothing is quite so simple in 'Text me' - and neither of them are quite as open about themselves as it initially appears.

So here's the blurb, look out for the book on 6th May :-) And a Happy Valentine's Day to you, whatever you're doing, whether it's a romantic night out or in, or whether it's curling up on your own with a glass of wine and a good book.

TEXT ME, TWEET ME, NEED ME - To be published by Lyrical Press, 6th May 2013
A contemporary romance novella

Texting and tweeting can lead to trouble when the truth gets out…
Dating your boss is bad. Finding out he’s married with a baby on the way is a whole lot worse, but losing your job when you show him the door really sucks. And when he knows all your family secrets, there’s bound to be trouble. But the job Samantha’s got lined up can put her life back on track. One last date for research purposes before she can finish her article on online dating--then she’s a man-free zone, and it’s serious journalism all the way.
Ben has only one thing on his mind: to keep the promise he made to look after Sam. All he has to do is work out how he can support a girl who distrusts men, hates charity, and definitely doesn’t want rescuing. He thinks he’s come up with the perfect solution, until he realizes it’s his heart, not his money he needs to invest.
But can Sam see past the lies and learn to trust a man again? And more importantly...will Ben still want her when he learns about her past?
CONTENT WARNING: Contains hot texts, sexy showers, a girl who can pack a punch, and lasagne.

Release date -  6th May 2013, Lyrical Press


  1. Hi Susie! I LOVE your cover art for 'Text me, Tweet me, Need me and I love the title even more so now. It's really quirky and just rolls off of the tongue :-) It sounds a great read and I wish you all the best with it's release in May :-) xxx

    1. Thanks Sam! I love the cover too - I was really interested to see if she could come up with something that captured the theme of the book, and she did :-) Really eye-catching and original isn't it? I'm looking forward to release day! x