Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Look Challenge - need a man?

I've been tagged by Aurelia B Rowl- soon to be published author with Breathless Press, to take part in the Look Challenge.

The objective is to look at your current manuscript and find the first instance of the word 'look' then post the surrounding paragraphs as an excerpt. Once you've done that you have to tag five more authors so the challenge continues.

I'm currently working on a new erotic romance, working title Jessica's Boys. There are lots of gorgeous men in it and one in particular who makes Jess's pulse go dangerously fast. This is a first draft - so please bear with me if it's a bit ragged at the edges!!

“I need a job, lady, and you need a man.” Last time she’d seen him he’d said something similar. He’d pinned her against a wall turning her insides molten, and the urge to grab him had all but taken over. She’d taken the only sensible way out - and slapped him, sending her stomach into twists of alarm. It had horrified her that she’d reacted like that, even if he was an overbearing, overconfident, over-sexy… she’d never hit anyone in her life before. But now she had. Which made her hate him even more – even though she hardly knew him.

Her stomach was flipping like a pancake. “You’re wrong.” Even if she did need a man, which she didn’t, it wouldn’t be one like him. She glanced up, suddenly remembering she had an audience, and the tight band across her shoulders softened. The team, her boys. Her fun, sexy, gorgeous boys. “I’ve got more than enough men to satisfy me.”
There was a snort on the other end of the line and he hung up and saved her the trouble.
“Who was that?” Matt gave her a look of what was almost fatherly concern, except no father ever looked quite as camp or quite as bad she hoped.
“Nobody. It was no-one.”
 “I’d love to meet the ‘nobody’ that manages to wind you up like that darling."

And now for the tricky bit! I tag the following five -

Gabrielle Battistel
Doris O'Connor
Aimee Duffy

Ann B Harrison
and Shelli Rosewarne


  1. Look! Now there's a word I overuse :D

    Awesome excerpt!


    1. LOL. I'm not too bad with 'look' but there are some words I have a real problem with, pop up all over the place! Going to put your interview Q's together next week :-) x

  2. Ooh, I love the sound of this! What a fab excerpt and a fun idea for a post.

    x Christy x

    1. Thanks Christy - this story seems to be heading more in the 'bonk buster' direction like Jackie Collins/Jilly Cooper (not that I can write as well as them!). It's the type of story I used to read all the time :-)

  3. Me too! I recently re-read Lace by Shirely Conran and found I still love it. I'm all for a new bonkbuster. Bring it on!

    1. I've got Lace on my bookshelf - years since I read it, but now you've reminded me I'm going to have to dig it out!