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Guest post - Vallory Vance

I'd like to welcome Vallory here today, she's giving an insight into 'Music for Her Soul' plus a great excerpt!

Lena Spencer is a practical woman whose world is carefully ordered by schedules and timelines and she doesn’t like surprises. So when she receives a call from a beautiful model detailing an affair with her boyfriend, her world is thrown into chaos. With the help of her boisterous sister and niece, Lena manages to pick up the pieces and resume her role as a single working mom with the added bonus of a few slinky dresses to show off the figure she’d always hidden.  Feeling sexy and confident, she is almost prepared for Ethan’s return from a European tour. Almost.
Musician, Ethan Holden, realized too late that he’d miscalculated the level of Lena’s fury. A ten month tour through Europe and a crazed fan had proven too much for the both of them. Returning to his hometown, he is determined to win her back despite her resistance. But can he give up the music he loves if that’s the only thing she wants? 

Fashionable Heroines for the Unfashionable Writer

I’m a very casual person. Jeans, T-shirt, comfortable shoes, brushed teeth and a washed face are all the things I need to begin the mad dash around my corner of the world. In this respect, I had a lot in common with Lena Spencer, the heroine of Music For Her Soul.
Had. Then her fashionista sister and niece got their hands on her and I had a problem. I had to go shopping and I hate shopping. Luckily, it was all virtual.
First she needed a wardrobe for work. I chose knee length a-line skirts and blouses with some sort of adornment. Since she insisted on going along with the makeover, I thought she should have to shave every day.
Her niece, Jasmine, was more concerned about evening attire and I had to find “going out” clothes as a woman who hasn’t “gone out” in years. This is not your usual nice dress for an event at work . No, these had to be clothes of a young, single woman wanting a return on her investment. I found slim fitting dresses to show off her figure without embarrassing her too much. Though she did squirm a lot in the linen one, I think it may have been too short. Sorry, Lena.
Sister, Marian, wanted to make sure that Lena’s final appearance was polished. So I had to find a natural hair salon, yoga classes and a masseuse. Plus the makeup and the jewelry!
I was exhausted from the virtual shopping trip but Lena seemed happy.
For our hero, what was the outfit that floored him, had him stumbling backward and fighting for words – a worn sleep shirt with a rip in the seam that showed a flash of yellow panties…
So basically I shopped for nothing!


A sharp pain jolted down her spine to the center of back, but she managed to hold her weighted eyes open in a squint. A dull, throbbing ache in her head kept her still. Somehow, she knew it was better not to move.
“Lena?” Ethan came into blurry view, his heavy brows holding his eyelids down in a drowsy stare.
“What happened to your hair?” She reached her hand up to the short buzzed sides of his face. Why had he cut his beautiful hair?
He grabbed her hand and kissed it. The stubble above his lip tickled her palm. “Mmm.” He kissed her hand again.
She wanted to kiss him back, but she was so sleepy. And a constant screech whining in her ears made it difficult to move. “What happened?” Her memory failed her.
“It looks like you hit a tree branch and skidded off the road. You’ve been in and out of it for about twelve hours.” The crescent shapes darkening his eyes said that he’d been awake for most of those hours.
He smoothed back a strand of hair from her forehead and tucked it behind her ear then followed the trail of his finger with soft kisses. She giggled and curled her hands around his neck, pulling him closer to her. He kissed the corner of her mouth, then her lips. “Tell me you love me.”
“I love you.” She wondered why there was necessity in his voice. Was she hurt? She ruffled her fingers through his hair and wiggled her legs. A sharp tingle spread down to her toes. Her limbs worked. She pushed his head up and looked into his worried eyes, searching his face. “What’s wrong?”
“I love you.” A smile graced his tired face and he nuzzled into her neck. He murmured something sweetly, but it was drowned out by the screech that had intensified in her head and sped like lightning down her spine, causing her to groan and her body to twist suddenly in pain.
Ethan was shouting far away from her and a mechanical whir of indefinable sound spun around her mind.
A kind-faced woman spoke softly above her, but her eyes were focused on Ethan as a warm, soothing liquid flowed into her veins, quieting her mind. She remembered why she shouldn’t have told him that she loved him.
Catryn. How could he let her believe that? How could he leave her alone for eight more months? “Why didn’t you come for me?” She mouthed the words and wondered if he’d been able to hear. For her, there was only sleep.

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  1. Love the title. Love the heroine - my kinda girl. Sounds great!

  2. Thank you so much. I love these two!