Monday, 30 July 2012

Publishers currently accepting submissions - updated!

Someone recently asked on Facebook which publishers are currently accepting submissions. I’d been meaning to put my bookmarked list into some kind of order for some time, so here goes… in no particular order. (Updated 23/08/12)

Still Moments Publishing – various romance categories (not erotic)
Breathless Press – romance, erotic romance, erotica
Samhain – romance, erotica, horror
Carina Press – adult commercial fiction (including romance)
Lyrical Press – various categories of romance, including erotic
Liquid Silver Books – erotic romance, various genres
Evernight Publishing – romance, erotic romance, urban fantasy
Red Sage – various genres, emphasis on romance & erotic romance
Entangled Publishing – romance, various imprints including YA
Musa Publishing – various genres including romance, historical, mystery plus..
The Wild Rose Press – romance, including erotic
Silver Publishing – romance, erotic romance
Beachwalk Press – all subgenres of romance
Mischief – erotic and erotic romance
Total-E-Bound – erotic romance
Xcite Books – erotica/erotic romance
Crimson Romance – five subgenres of romance
Choc Lit – romantic fiction
Ellora’s Cave – erotic romance
Decadent Publishing - romance, erotic romance, plus new imprint Bono Books for mainstream fiction, YA, sweet romance and non-fiction
House of Erotica -  full range of erotic fiction
Secret Cravings Publishing - all genres of romance
Resplendence Publishing - range of romance genres
Avon Romance/Impulse - super sexy and romantic, also check out the FB page for current sub calls
Mira Ink - young-adult fiction
Sapphire Star Publishing - all fiction genres, YA to adult
Trestle Press - all genres
Harlequin - various romance categories, including new Digital First imprint
Rogue Phoenix Press - various genres including romance, YA, sci-fi, fantasy (Book featured exclusively on
Changeling Press - erotic romance, various genres
Turquoise Morning Press - genre fiction including romance, erotic, mainstream fiction, YA. Re-opens for submissions on 31st August, 2012
LazyDay Publishing - primarily romance/erotica but also welcomes other genres including fantasy, mystery, thrillers etc.
Amira Press - open for erotic romance submissions only at present.

I have not had any experience with most of these publishers, so they are not recommendations – just sites I (or other people I know) have come across. Feel free to add a comment if you’ve had good/bad experiences with any!

I know as soon as I post this I’ll think of someone really obvious that I’ve missed off!  At some point I will set up a page so that the information on this post can easily be found.


  1. Great list. I've been trying to make a list and you have a few I didn't have. Thanks

    1. You're welcome - I'll add more as I find them :-)

  2. Jen Davies has awarded you a One lovely blog award, please go to to discover the rules and snag your award, cheers Jen

  3. Thank you for this, I've added a few more to my bookmarks.

    Other ones I have bookmarked (but no experience of) are: Avon Romance (Impulse), MiraInk, Sapphire Star, Trestle Press, Rogue Phoenix, Changeling, Turquoise Morning, LazyDay, The Knight Agency and then there's the obvious Harlequin/Mills & Boon. Sorry for lack of direct links but they don't usually work in comments anyway.

    1. Thanks Aurelia, I was just thinking yesterday that I'd missed one obvious one - HQN! I'll update the list with these and put links in.

  4. Great post. Don't know about others, but I can vouch for Beachwalk's lovliness and Harlequin :o) No bad experiences as yet. x