Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Another year nearly over.....

2011 has been quite an eventful year, with lots of highs and lows. So here are some of the good bits (bad bits are best forgotten)......

In September 2010 I bought a cottage, which needed quite a bit of work doing to it. The bedroom ceiling had to be replaced, which we did (a really horrible job with a lathe and plaster ceiling dating back to 1800 and matching coal dust) before moving in at the end of October. With my OH working away during the week, and me having to work part-time in the week, and every other weekend, this was no mean feat!

In January 2011 it was back to work - putting a new bathroom in (unfortunately the cottage only has one bathroom and so this had to be carefully planned). I was now self-employed and working from home which meant I could tile the kitchen floor and finish decorating at my leisure(!). The spring also saw a new patio/decking area plus planting up of the garden which had been neglected for several years.

Spring also gave me a new determination to write and this year I have entered New Voices 2011, which was a great experience. I've learned loads and met lots of aspiring authors, plus have 'met' via facebook and twitter many established authors who have been overwhelmingly generous with help and advice. I found out too late about Rachael Harrie's Campaigns to actually join up and become a Campaigner, but I couldn't resist the challenges and my two entries now appear in the 'Campaigner Challenges 2011' book.

So, soon we will be entering 2012, but I am proud that I have achieved a fair bit in 2011. All the essential work has been completed on my cottage, so we can relax and I can save up money for the next phase. I have left behind a job that I was not happy with and replaced it with freelance work that gives me more flexibility to pursue what I really want to do - writing. I have completed an online writing course and have submissions in with publishers for consideration and I have a new WIP which I am looking forward to getting my teeth in to properly in January.

Goals for the next 12 months? Getting rid of the aches and pains so that my arms move properly again! Reading, reading, reading and writing, writing, writing until I produce something that is polished enough for publication. Enjoying the home and garden that we have created in 2011.....

I'm looking forward to a great family Christmas, and then we are off up to Scotland for a few days of relaxation with hopefully lots of log fires and whisky.... I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and may 2012 bring everything you hope for.


  1. Congratulations on all your 2011 success, Susie. May 2012 be just as fabulous for you :)

  2. Thanks Lacey, I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a great 2012. It so nice to have met you this year :-)

  3. It sounds like you accomplished great things in 2011 and have a lot planned for 2012. Good luck with eveything. Hope your New Year was fantastic.