Wednesday, 28 September 2011


People often ask writers where they get their ideas from, how that seed of inspiration is sown.  I think if you are a writer then the answer is easy. From everywhere, from everything.

From the sad girl in the street to the child playing alone.  From the man staring out of the train window, to the girl crying over her coffee. From the couple arguing in the street, to the bride and groom taking their vows.  Everyone has a story,  everything is a story.

Sometimes though just a beautiful place is enough. This incredible restaurant we found on the Amalfi Coast was the perfect place for lovers; wonderful food, nice wine, an idyllic view. How could a writer of romance resist setting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard!).


  1. So beautiful! Yes, inspiration can pop out of anywhere at anytime. I love that.

  2. That's a beautiful view.

    I find that I get inspiration from so many things.

  3. Yes, beautifully said! Inspiration is everywhere.

    Thanks for a great post.

    Michelle Styles, HM&B Historical author is also talking about on Inspiration on Romance Book Paradise.

  4. Thanks for the comments, I really loved this spot - places like this make you realise how lucky you are and writing is one way of sharing them.
    Nas, will be popping over to see what Michelle has to say - her posts are always great.

  5. This post is so true, Susie, and it's a truth that would brighten the days of non-writers as well.

    BTW, welcome to Bird's-eye View, and thank you for reminding us as well that while promotion is important, writing a phenomenal book is even more so.

  6. We keep looking for inspiration and it is right in front of us all the time!