Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Short stories, long stories

The best advice I've heard for coping when you're stuck in procrastination mode is to JUST WRITE.  So I have, with the help of my heroines on twitter and #1k1hr,  thanks @michellewilling and @MiraLynKelly :-).

This chapter will definitely need some serious editing, but at least I've got a draft down on paper - which is better than a blank page.

In between I've rewarded myself with writing another 5x5 short story - good discipline for someone like me who can write 50 words when 5 will do!

'The End' by Susie Medwell

'Do you still love me?'
He paused, just a second.
'Too long' she said sadly.
'We could have been happy.'
'I am now' he said.


  1. Hey thanks, I can't stop trying to write them now! Have you tried one?