Monday, 22 August 2011

Mills & Boon New Voices 2011

Well I've read through the terms & conditions several times, joined the facebook group, read as much advice as I can from Mills & Book I feel confident? No!!

I'm trying hard to concentrate on writing, but there are even more distractions than normal.  I can't help but constantly check up on the Mills & Boon New Voices group on facebook.  There is so much helpful advice from published authors, plus tips from people who entered last year, and feedback on how people are getting on.  It's all so useful, but a bit daunting too, ignorance can be bliss.....

So I got to the end of my first draft of Chapter 1 quite quickly.  Edited it then realised the word count had now gone up and I was on close to 5,000... taking words out is so difficult (I'm far too kind as an editor!).  I think it's now back to a reasonable word count...but the same has happened with Chapter 2!

Oh well, all good experience....

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