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'The Rock Star's Girls' by Tasha Taylor

I've got Tasha Taylor here today with what looks like a great read for the weekend! 

Hi Tasha – great to see you here! Thanks for having me x

Okay, starting off with the book and some quick fire questions…
  1. If you had to sum up The Rock Star’s Girls in 30 words or less what would you say? Nathan’s back in Leah’s life, and he wants answers. Leah wants to protect her daughter from everything bad about fame and fortune. Will love hurt as much second time around?

  1. Can you tell us a bit about Leah – what do you most like about her? I love the idea that Leah knew Nathan before he was famous. I don’t know about you but I used to idolise certain pop stars growing up and always day dreamed about being the girl they came home at the end of the day. Leah has made a new life for herself, doing what she thought was best for her and her daughter – I admire that, but on the other hand… see Question 3 :o)

  1. Is there anything about her that frustrates you? She’s prone to running away when things get hard, which might seem like a brave thing to do, but really, it only prolongs the pain or problem. But then who doesn’t close their eyes and stick their fingers in their ears, occasionally, and go la la la! Also, if I was her, I’d be all lookee here, I got me a rock star!

  1. And Nathan, can you sum him up in 10 words? Rock star, talented, lonely, sexy, determined to know the truth

  1. And is he the type of guy you could fall for, or would you steer clear? Oh, so fall for – he’s a mixture of every rock/pop star I wanted to marry when I was younger :o)

  1. What/who inspired you to write the story? A song by Take That – sad but true. I was a nanny in the States and incredibly lonely at times – music helped me a lot and inspired me to write the story.

  1. And what about the characters - are they a little bit you, people you know, or did they just leap out and grab you (metaphorically speaking of course!)? Hm, good question. No-one I know, just people who once loved each other thrown back together, having to work things out so they can move on…with or without each other.

And we, sorry I, being naturally nosy would love to know a bit about you…
  1. Favourite genre(s) to read and to write? Romance, pure and simple, but I really like lovers reunited.

  1. What part of writing do you enjoy most, coming up with the idea, planning, research, writing it or typing The End?!  I like reading what I’ve written. I get a lot of ideas, a lot, but I’m a Gemini and we start but don’t finish. So when I sit down to read, I know it’s because I’m finished.

  1. Sum up in 30 words or less what you want to be doing in 5 years time. Full time writer/editor, writing super bonkbusters a la Jilly Cooper, surrounded by family and lots of pets, in my own house overlooking the sea.

  1. Favourite thing to do when you’re not writing? Sleeping/hot bath. Not recommended together but you get the idea :o)

  1. Who/what inspired you to keep on writing until you got published? Sheer bloodymindedness and lots of support along the way.
Blurb - 

Promotions manager, Leah Montague wants a quiet night at home with her daughter and a pizza. Her boss has other plans and asks her to help celebrate the opening night of the biggest nightclub in town, complete with a surprise star guest. Leah attends, but her plans to stay in the background are ruined when she comes face to face with her past.

Rock star Nathan Llewellyn is quickly getting fed up with fame and needs a break. A last minute appearance brings him face to face with the woman who walked out on him seven years ago. His life seems empty since she left him, and he blames her because no other woman has ever been able to take her place. Nathan wants the truth.

Can Leah trust him, not just with her heart but with her daughter? If she lets him in her life, what else will follow?

And before you run off, can you share a little excerpt?

With much muttering and banging about, she went about making the tea. Nathan entered the kitchen behind Leah, making her jump.
“Damn it, do you have to sneak up on people?” she exclaimed, very on edge. “Where’s Pippa?”
“She is getting changed. I thought it only decent that I left her to it.” Nathan smiled.
“That’s probably the only decent thing you’ve done in years,” Leah mumbled, and then Nathan was standing right in front of her. She caught her breath as she looked into his dark gray eyes, smelt the subtle fragrance of his cologne, and wished that her body was not such a traitor to her heart. She imagined that he could hear the frantic tattoo her heart was beating, as if responding to an age-old rhythm caused by the close proximity of Nathan.
“What is it with you making me out to be such a fiend?”
Unable to reply, so violent were the emotions inside her, Leah felt as though she was on a roller coaster that was running out of control, straight toward a sheer drop into the unknown. Nathan seemed to coming closer and closer to her, she could see his lips part and she realized that he was about to kiss her.
A breath shuddered in Leah’s throat. She knew she should be remembering the pain he had caused her, how he had taken her fragile trust and broken it into tiny pieces. She owed it to her hard-won independence, but she knew deep down inside that she could not fight him; she did not want to get away. As much as she had tried to forget, she was still the same nineteen-year-old girl who had been desperately in love with this man, with whom she had shared so much. Her body, heart and soul.
They stood in tense silence, Nathan moving ever closer to Leah. She could feel the warmth of his shallow breath on her lips, could feel the expectant tingle of the touch of his mouth on hers, could almost taste the sweetness of his kiss.
Leah closed her eyes in readiness for the inevitable, and held her breath, until the kitchen door swung open, and in one second, the dream-like trance she was in vanished and instead she felt as if she had suddenly been bathed in ice. 
“Will you tuck me in, please?” Leah realized Pippa was talking to Nathan, looking up at him with adoration in her eyes.
Leah blinked away tears of frustration. Pippa was eager for his company, willing to spend time with him, hanging on his every word, whereas she couldn’t wait to get away from him.
“Sure, if it’s okay with your mum.”
Leah was helpless to do anything to control the situation, unable to bring herself to say no, to cause Pippa pain. Pippa was her life, and her happiness was way ahead of Leah’s own. A nod was her only method of acquiescence. Leah gave a tight-lipped smile as Pippa who kissed her goodnight, and watched as she led Nathan by the hand, her pride obvious for everyone to see.
As they left the kitchen, Leah turned to face the sink to hide the tears that were threatening to tumble. She clung to the edge of the counter, hoping that it would give her the strength that being near Nathan had sapped from her, the strength that she so desperately needed to fight the battle she was sure would come.

Thanks for sharing Tasha and good luck with The Rock Star’s Girls.

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Bio  - Tasha Taylor is a UK based author, writing contemporary romance and is also a fiction addict. It is not unusual to find a book open in her home - next to the bath, next to the bed, in the office, on the stairs and then there's the e-reader, smart phone and laptop. She is also mother to her son and future ex-wife to her partner. Other duties include cat lover and dog washer.
Tasha started writing at 15, creating her own little world where everybody went to boarding school and found true love in their teens. She's moved on grown-up romance since then. No love is ever without its difficulties, but it's the strength of that love that sees us through the good, the bad and the mornings when mascara alone just won't cut it. Tasha also has an addiction to social media.

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